Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Material-istic things!

I have been a nitro junkie of materials for many years and always looking at ways of expanding and seraching. I will list my likings below to maybe spark some interests....

  • Linen - I use and love NYC Central Art Supplies House linen's especially DP 301!
  • Boards - Rockler Wood Working Supply Baltic Birch
  • Raw premium cotton canvas and belgian linens
  • At times Claessens but usually NEVER - too slippery and it works with some things for me....
  • Shellac cover matboard mounted to foam core
  • gessoed Rives BFK printmaking paper.
  • Williamsburg - Titanium Oil Primer
  • Flake White to double prime an alkyd primer if seeking a certain effect....
  • Acrylic polymer Gesso, with marble dust, pumice and chalk for boards only
  • Shellac
  • Sherwin Williams Alkyd Primer Professional Series to double coat - love the way it accepts paint! and the look as it dries
  • Cad Red Lgiht
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Cad Yellow Lemon and Deep
  • Ultramarine Deep
  • Naples Yellow (as dead grass modifier)
  • Cobalt Blue very rarely
and Titanium White

Most of these paints are mostly being purchased through a great paint source I have recently found RGH Artist Oil Paints. Jars of really concentrated pigment paints!

I do buy tubes of Auxiliary colors that I add and subtract......

I am very much in search of a universal titanium white I can use at all times, it never works out! I am very found of LeFranc, Rembrandt (stiff), Flake White Replacement (I know most dont like this one...) and Utrecht White. I have put Leads to use yet and scarred about toxicity and such......

  • M. Graham - Alkyd/Walnut medium
  • Liquin for oiling out....
  • Schmincke Mal Butter
  • A traditional stand oil, OMS recipe works too....
  • beeswax mediums
  • Utrecht #209 Brights and Flats for size 2 to 12
  • Robert Simmons Signet as well.
  • Blick at times but the bristles release too often and I take good care of my brushes

I hope this helps on some fronts of the materials world for others looking in at times, I feel it helps to see other ideas as well!

Also to add I stretch, mount, panel build/cradle and make almost all my painting surfaces, I take pride in creating my works of art the materials and time put into them, I only wish I could have a huge run of space to prime my own linens, but that'll come later..... Sorry to rant but I like to with some info!


Candace X. Moore said...

Ben, I just started following your blog. I have to tell you I'm amazed at your command of composition and color. You have definitely got it. I like following lots of blogs, but am always thankful to encounter those rare gems that engage in art at the highest level. Okay, enough of that. Best.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

I am a huge lover of using walnut oil. Nice blog, lovely paintings.

Eugene Veszely said...

G'Day Ben

Have you tried Studio Products Optical White?

They might have some other colours you might like too. Their paints are very different from anything I've used before.

Oh and I love your work, I've been checking out your paintings for ages. :-)

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