Friday, November 27, 2009

Shellac Boards are SUPREME

The Beauty in a grey minnesota day!
Oil on Shellac Board - 14"x16"



Christopher O'Handley said...

Beautiful work. You really capture the seasons, and your skies are tremendous.

I wanted to find out if you could talk (write) a little more about using shellac boards. In an earlier post you said you were using shellac on mat board (mounted to foam core). Have you found a particular type of shellac that you prefer? Any tips for someone wanting to experiment with shellac? What is the surface like - especially in terms of slipperiness (is it like a lead oil ground or more like an acrylic primer)? Do you use 1 or multiple coats of shellac?



Ben Bauer said...

Shellac is a great medium, as you may have heard most of Marc Hanson's last april run on the marathon paintings were on Shellac boards, you can see the texture on them.

I use baltic birch from Rockler Woodworkers supply sand it wipe it and apply the clear Zinsser in a thin coat to get even coverage and another thicker coat to give a textured look. I love the surface it reminds me of a resin type alkyd primer similar to the that of AE 359 and AE 350DP but different. I would try that. I also would recommend that one doesnt use the Hardboard and or Masonite for this as the clear coat leaves the painting surface a wonderful warm start to a painting, get weird to work with at first but I got used to it. I am planning on making large panels this winter with these stop bck later.....


Steve PP said...

Beautiful! i love this painting!

Thanks for sharing!

judith said...
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Stephen Magsig said...

Beautiful, have you tried using Zinsse Binz white pigmented shellac. I use it on watercolor paper and other surfaces, three coats, beautiful surface to work on in oils. The paper does not warp or wrinkle. because it is alcohol based.

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