Monday, March 15, 2010

Shows and news

Oil Painters of America
Legacy Gallery - Scottsdale, AZ
Looking for funds to attend and hope we can!!!!!!!!

Greenhouse Gallery of Art
Salon International
San Antonio, TX
cannot make this one though it would be nice!!!!!!

I have been working like mad on ideas and broadening my ideals of my art and where I want to push it and what I want to say, really working on trying some tonal and cerebral painting as I call them. I have been studying many artist in this realm of the past and present, Emil Carlsen is one of more favorite sources of research as of the late, as well as John Henry Twatchman, Scott Christensen, and for the compositional elements of T. Allen Lawson, as well as the work of Tom Maakestad, and Andrew Wykes. I have found that the more I research and study the more I become inthralled in learning and searching, and developing

I have been working on slowing the pace of my art, I have always been too impatient, materials are expensive and the time I have is limited and want to use it resourcefully, that means never rushing to paint to paintings sake. I am always ready paint! I just want to think more of images and what to do with them, I want to work large and simple but powerful and how to do that is tricky, look to the ones I have mentioned above and they make it look easy, but as I have read in the past it never is(was) easy for them.

More as this develops, and giving some insight to where I have been lately!!!!!! Please stay tuned as I will be trying to update the latter journey if it goes where I want and need it too!


Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

Interesting thoughts on trying new techniqes and directions with your work. Debra Paris is another contemporary tonalist painter who's doing interesting work. Congratulations on your recent acceptance into the OPA show.

Laurel Daniel said...

Ben - Your piece at the Greenhouse Gallery was my favorite of the entire show. If I were queen (or judge) you would have won first place. I visited it many times while looking at the show. I LOVE your work. From a once-upon-a-time Wisconsinite, now Texan. :)

Jana Van Wyk said...

love your work, just found you off Marc Hanson's site. I met Marc and Kami in '08 at a Camille Przewodek workshop in MD.

My painting style is quite different than yours but I too have been studying Christensen and T. Allen Lawson lately. I'm trying to simplify, yet not stifle my emotion. Jana

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