Friday, December 26, 2008

Study - 8 by 14 on 359 primed with Flake white.
Studio work still in development
18 by 28 on 359 
TERRIBLE PHOTOS!!!!!!!! But they work - when the finish is in itll be better promise


Solvay said...

I've seen your work - and even YOU painting - at Gallery 310 (is that what it's called???) in Stillwater. I really like your work. You convey a mood in your work that has a "Russian" vastness to it. I like it a lot! I've been to your website, but only discovered your blog, today, on Marc Hanson's blog. Glad to find you!
Happy New Year!

Ben Bauer said...

Thanks for the comments Solvay!!!!!

Where have we met painting? The name isnt ringing a bell...?


Solvay said...

No, we didn't meet PAINTING, and we haven't actually met, either, but I was at that gallery while YOU were painting - sometime either this fall or in the summer.........I actually came by just to watch you, even though that seems kind of intrusive, so I didn't watch for more than a moment. But, I have looked LONG at your paintings, though!
Hope that's clearer!
: )
I'm not a painter, either. I'm a musician.
I hope you keep posting - and I recommend visiting Frank Gardner's blog - it's like grand central station over there! He's absolutely fabulous and generous and wonderful. Hope to see you over there soon!

Ben Bauer said...

Solvay, are you from the area here in Stillwater? I notice your commenting on M. Hanson's... Not intrusive at all I enjoy working in front of people and like to talk whilst working, Id do it on every Saturday down there If I couild!!!!!

Take vare


Solvay said...

Yep. Stillwater.

I hope you can find lots of opportunities to paint "live"!!! Next time I see you, I'll introduce myself. Do you have plans to do that again at Gallery 310?

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